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Patriotic & Fallen Soldiers (In memory of Veterans Day and for my Boys)


Come fathers, come mothers,
Bring your daughters, bring your sons,
Gather round ye one and all,
Be proud from where you come.

If being called American,
Brings about your humiliation,
Try living someplace else;
The life of another population
You have forgotten all the sacrifice
In this nations foundation and formation.

Where are those other people’s freedoms?
Where are their hard earned rights?
Do they sleep peacefully in their beds at night…
Or cringe with fear when they
Have to leave their home and fight?

Not out across the expanse of oceans
To some far or distant land,
But defend their homes
In their own front yards,
Making a futile sort of stand.

Because they dared to think
Or believe another way,
Which happened to disagree with
The ruling power of the day.

Because they wanted a better life
And ventured beyond their sect,
Because they grew too old and
Were ready to stop and rest…

We, The Proud, get so very tired
Of hearing your unpatriotic screech,
We worry of the lessons
To your children that you teach.

You really should be ashamed
For all you take for granted,
You really should be ashamed
For the seditious thoughts you’ve planted.

The world has changed from what it was,
It evolves and shifts with each rotation.
There has been something very special
Formed within the boundaries of OUR nation.

This does not mean we should ignore
The problems the arise,
But the need is there and has been proven,
We must protect our countries skies.

Perhaps decisions are sometimes made
That does not always concur with yours.
This does not mean our elected leaders
Are not trying to protect our shores.

Remember, unity is what we need;
Support for our brave defending warriors,
Harmony of our peoples voices
Will ensure, once again, we are the victors.

© Tonya Greenlee

Fallen Soldiers

How many fields have been forgotten
Where brave and valiant warriors lay
Do roses or wild flowers grow
To mark these lonely graves

Or are they covered by thorns and briars
Reminders of those blackened days
Symbols of fear and pain
That has led good men astray

For whatever reason these souls have fallen
Let not their lives be vainly taken
Think! Oh leaders of the lands
Lest your decisions be mistaken

I can not tell you what is always right
Nor all actions for cause amiss;
Without battle to stop a tyrant
Then from his cup, we also sip

Cheer the brave; toast their honor
For better times they have fought
Bow your heads and pray for peace
It’s with their blood our futures bought

© Tonya Greenlee
This was one of my Sons favorites.
Love you both, boys!
I am so proud of you both.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back


I cannot offer any critique to this, I can only say one word.


"If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed. " Ben Franklin

I much appreciate that.
I do love our country with all its faults,
to me, it is the greatest!!
God Bless,

author comment

There was only one line that threw me off and it is this one

(The problems the arise,)

The second piece sounds to me of a beautiful song here. You did a great job here and nice to see you back.


Thank you Mona. I appreciate you stopping by to read.
I have read this poem over and over and worked on it...ect..ect.. and never noticed the typo there.
It should be 'that'. Thanks for picking up on it.
I am really glad you enjoyed them.

author comment

see you Chrys. It is true, you never realize just how much you miss something or someone until they
are no longer available.
I have read "In Flanders Field" . It is such a moving poem. A very sad poem. War is mostly about tragedy, acts of valor, pain, loss... Costly to the emotions of all involved.
I'm glad you liked the poem and that you stopped by to read.
Thank you so much.

author comment

I decided I will not critique poems about veterans day but would find it hard to offer suggestions here any way . A couple of nice tributes.......scribbler

I am just happy you read it and hopefully enjoyed it.
Any comment is always welcome.

author comment
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