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Why did you leave me?
In this dessert
With labyrinths of footpaths,
Without a guardian?
Dee Christopher,
Town crier,
Why did you leave me
On the paths of thunder?

I left you
In this dessert
In this labyrinths of footpaths,
On the paths of thunder,
For your baptism.
I left you to the guidance of Idoto,
My muse,
I left you to fight another war.

Do you have to fight that war?
Do you have to strap
Assault riffles
And pebbles of bullets?
There are men and women
Trained to fight that war,
You are a town crier.

Begone apprentice,
I left my gong and stick
At the sacred grotto
Of Mother Idoto
For you and your ilk
For generations of town criers.

Last few words: 
Arguably, this is the greatest poet Africa has ever seen. He is not so much adored because of his ethnicity and his support for the Biafran secession from Nigeria. Christopher Ifekandu Okigbo (16 August 1932–1967) was a Nigerian poet, teacher, and librarian, who died fighting for the independence of Biafra. He is today widely acknowledged as an outstanding postcolonial English-language African poet and one of the major modernist writers of the 20th century. Tribalism in Nigeria makes him eroded from its history. We all know he is better than the rest.
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I just read and commented on your poem, Lament, and clearly and i think intentionally you have succeeded in making your own interpretation of this style of attack into a different poem.

This poem, by Okigbo, a name I do not know and am glad to meet, speaks with authority. Here too the reader needs a little footnote about Mother Idoto, would add to the reading.

Thank you for introducing us to this poet. Is there another poem of his you might like to offer, so we can see another side of him?

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

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