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Passion and Obsession

Two extremities of emotion
one is passion
another obsession…
both end up in disaster
of those who live
in infatuation
utterly consumed...

know the difference
between love,
thirst and thrust
the ultimatum of any union…
ardent love

an extreme desire
of a complex communion
an imagination
of final orgasm
as an ultimate culmination…

what then of obsession
tis psychotic in condition
absolutely mental
an aberration of mind
desire, thought and action…

so passion and obsession
truly are a must
if you want to admit,
life ought to be just…

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


You had me riding the crest of this mad and passionate thing called "Love"! ;)
Liked the poem, it built up to a crescendo and then ... into the wishful thinking of the last line!
All in all, spot on! I would just change one word "psychiatric" to "psychotic" - to get the full gist of the meaning across!


it will now change the passionate flavor
hope many more shall savor


author comment

I like its focus and basic tight working
(sounds sexy)

thirst and thrust

I like that line

never thought of love like a thirst
another good word

but isnt that response
the dry throat
or to salivate

Life ought to be Just

all the dead poets society
would agree
sexton hemmingway
plath wolfe
all had their obsessions

mine is getting going
right now
must head off in the
world for work

Thank You!

4 ur impartial analysis
based on ur poem only
thank you
uuuuuuuu r rrrrrr great


author comment

I have to agree with above comments! I think this is your best piece yet! Fully charged and Booming!

Awesome piece of work - that is firey and yet tasteful.

Love Mand xxx

This is the first
of the firsts
so many you all missed*
but am I glad you liked this

do read the smile one
I just posted
for a lost miss
she returned

*coz I ain't much of routine POET
they all say...


author comment
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