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In a dark cave I sit
and what I see beyond
is all of the world I know,
I was born blind
to the mystery of existence
prisoner of my own perceptions.
My mind cannot imagine
what it has not known.

Am I the child of a God
or just a shadow
passing through time

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of what an Agnostic must experience! Given the time of year, this rings true! Nice work, it makes one think. ~ Gee

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Thanks, Geez. The idea comes from PLATO


author comment

we are minuscule

temporary atoms
magnified by eye's magnification
500 times
if we had no eyes
we wouldn't have ever imagined
we had something
that did rise
that's no surprise
tis a surmise
500 times magnified
we cry out for more size...
Merry Christmas let it be!

We fear what is not known, Merry Christmas to you ,my friend.


author comment

so don't feel it too
u r not alone
we have been all along with you
its ur decision to stay alone
what can we do?

MERRY Xmas to you
and ur family in NY too

Go visit them will you?

or call them over
they will love to

And I with you all.


author comment

life is about
with ALL

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