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Papi Mario

I’m a real mellow fellow and my rhymes cause sedation
Flow so sick you gotta give it medication
Knowledge so wholesome that it drives meditation
My rhymes are in all 50 states making up the whole nation
But let’s stick it quick to my man with the tricks
It’s me Papi Mario always acting so slick
If my raps were a candle Mario would be the wick
He would light up my face cuz this the life he’d pick
He writes so many poems you’d think he’s Dr. Seuss
He’s got so many tales you’d call him Mother Goose
And his precision so tight it’ll never be loose
He’s the Maine attraction when he’s the streetwalkin’ Moose
So lemme spit this fire like a dragon in the castle

My lines like the DMV always lookin’ like a hassle
We can go down south if ya wanna wrassle
But I ain’t holdin’ back I’m known to be an a**hole
But I love my uncle and all his rhymin’
Catch him forever in blue jeans like Neil Diamond
He can be silent with stripes when his lyrics are miming
But like an anachronism he ain’t gotta worry ‘bout the timing
So lemme sign off it’s been Gucci while it lasted
I’ll see you Christmas Eve while the party gettin’ blasted
This ain’t the first of the raps but nor is it the last bid
You might be the first on the mic but I surely ain’t the last kid

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


This is beautiful, Chevyvent, I really enjoyed it.


I'm doing my poetic duty. I read as much rap as i can, desperately trying to see some merit in it on paper...I go weekly to our local rap/performance poetry night at Bussboys & Poets Restaurant.
I see the great enthusiasm, I think it's great for poetry, great to get people to poetry. But most is cheap rhyme, narcissistic, teenybopper tales of love and lust, political rage, or inspirational cliches telling everyone how to live, think, love; as for humor, there were funnier poetic parodies in Mad magazine in the 60's. But I keep lookin out there for a someone to emerge...

The poem is a rap self portrait of you, whom I know as a fine poet, and I respect your talking risks.
But I have to ask...I am your audience... it just feels to me the glove don't fit.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

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