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pandering pig’s delight

down around the pigsty
news was heard that wailed

one of us has been chosen
as judge to a cockfight down
the road

get out your fine tuxedo
pandering pig
you it is who will adjudicate
cruelest fight this night
down in holler dark

“I care nothing for these ceremonies,”
pandering pig did say.
“‘tis not for you to say a word,” his
friends rejoined his remark.
“I won’t do it; I can’t do it,” pandering
pig did say. “all the cocks are friends of
mine; their torture I cannot bear.”
“perhaps you will be chosen to be
slaughtered first when winter is on the
step,” his friends did chant as one.
“it matters little,” said pandering pig, “at
least this company I will no longer have
to share.”
“have it your way, they did say to him.”

pandering pig walked slowly to far end
of sty’s filthy environs listening
listening as men passed carrying their
screaming cocks

already half-crocked they came a walking
loudly they bragged their cock would win
loudly they slurred their words

pandering pig wallowed a bed in cool
mud and slept

morning came with nightly news
all the cocks refused to fight

men were beside themselves with wonder
never seen such a sight
so men fought amongst themselves
as men so often do

pandering pig rolled over
in early morning’s dew.

Style / type: 
Free verse



(Glad 2cu again~)

Long time no see lol. I kind of suspect the few inconsistenses (damn that word,can't get it to spell right) were intentional to give a lazy pig type atmosphere. Enjoyed the poem and its message.............stan

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