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p a r a l l a x ^<\/>^ v i e


the limb drips with its tangles of ice
the light coughs through the souls vein
gleaming softly
damp as cataracts

in this rain kiss
the deaths shall wait
winters crepe
a pale vestige

this wing black eve
where angels weep
with mornings sight
will rise


Editing stage: 


me to a place where the night reigns; pale moonlight against the black of the icy, frozen limbs of trees. A beautiful sight, but it makes me think of the cold of death. An excellent work! How attuned we are to the seasons; we naturally associate them with the cycles of life. Spring is the birth of the new, summer is the bloom of youth, autumn the decline and winter the final chapter. You seem to feel them so deeply that it comes through in your work, there is always some of nature in your poems. It reflects your keen interest in the marvels of the natural wonder of the world. ~ Yours, Gee

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This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place.

With your choice of lexis....'winters crepe'....just brilliant.
Ells :)

I got caught up on nuances in language
and did poorly in english
and tests in school
(I am average intelligence but never been
formally tested...)

buying cereal in the supermarket does the same
box size..(I have to pack things in my russack//

eventually I make a desicion but like test times
and at home where they await my return for other
things to do Im late..

and doesnt everyone see snow and winter like
the crepe..and I mean designer dresses
although it can be the rough cloth too
as it is of late with its ice and dampness

Thank You!

author comment

I think Esker, most people wouldn't know how to articulate the images you see in words...that's what makes you so inspiring. When we get some snow, I will remember that line. In my opinion, you are a true poet. I always read your work...don't always comment as others usually get to say what I want before me! LOL

Have a great Christmas!

Ells x

I am happy that you consider me a True Poet!
it is not for one to think one is a True Poet
but what poetry is

For others this gift from God
to share

and freely...

the beauty of Neopoet

Thank You!

author comment

simply exquisite
you really are


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