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P a p e r w a i s t

out of the blue
soft cuts like runs the rain
like a naked branch

we flinch in the window
starlight flood
waking in the clearing of
the storm

water falling like thoughts
rapid like breath
the heavy steps of heat in
the walls inching through
the pipes to the heater

samosa coffee in the cup
like warm dreams
the untested kisses
resting in breaths

the television is talking
to itself again
the flickering tube in
the cold bathroom waits
the mirror waiting

I saw you there
leaning in
your radiant hair
and that haunted brow

"We are hunted you know"

spoke to me in direct
with the infamous smirk
the card rising in the deck
Page of swords

our minds and hearts
are black and white
scrawled on a visiting
table in the jail that
leggo built

I remember you
the hair I spilled
rivers of gold

and the sequins like
pearls flashing

now its the pain
riding in the rusted
the shell game

I look again
but you are gone
just the doorway
the radiator
the television

"we are hunted"

Editing stage: 


sweet nothing....

Im back from gone away
Like I was never

or there....

spring here water receeding and rising and falling and in the air
the silence in our city falling in my window a friends room
roof over my head

My hour here at the library with all the others
freed from the landscape where I could find no reasons or seasons
in ponderings
no different then the youth

so I come to write and to listen to Lizt play Beethoven....calming seductive

a break from the rap I love...the rain falling...the dampness holding my hand
on walks alone to think about life.....I want mysteries

thanks for missing me


author comment

You seem to use water in unusual ways throughout the poem. It flows, is alluded to, and changes in almost every stanza. I read it as being the blood pulsing through and out of this wounded body you have created here. Very original and evocative.


My mind's writing cheques my body can't cash.

our world in the months we form...
our beat pulse in our viens beneath the

the wander of its wends
and heartdepths felt

when the castle of love burns down

the ruins echo
the rain shelter

water is Life

author comment
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