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One of the few

We can all spend a lifetime searching
Searching for that final piece
The part that makes us whole
That makes the pain of life
Disappear into nothingness
After a full life
Long after you have stopped seeking
That mystical something
Lands in your lap
Hits you in the face
Like a custard pie
Turns your whole life inside out
You hold it for one fleeting moment
Then, it vanishes in a puff of smoke
Poof! It’s gone forever
But now you know
You know what it was
What it looked like
What it tasted like
Smelled like
How it felt to be complete
If only for a brief time
So you smile
A sad kind of smile
As you see that you are
One of the few

Editing stage: 


Being a retired seeker I so much get this,
nice to see you in this light sir,
a fine light it is.

Richard, we all have many sides to ourselves don't we. me, I'm just a big softy. I have just written this one, what do you think?


So you rode the magic carpet
And you sailed above the skies
You were taken by the beauty
You were blinded by the lies
As you soared up through the heavens
You could sense the angels sighs
They could see into your future
And they witnessed loves demise
Now you head towards disaster
With no one to hear your cries
As you cling on to your memories
And the cold wind burns your eyes

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