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Ode of I

Weary am I now
for this thing called life has not been kind
weary am i now
I'm about to lose my mind

Troubled am I now
so burdened down by thought
troubled am I now
This battle to survive, no longer can it be fought

pained am I now
bye malicious, calculated actions
pained am I now
cornered by my fears, stunned by my reactions

escape for me now
would bring about welcome release
escape for me now
would bring about much needed inner peace

Scared am I now
for control is rapidly slipping
scared am I now
this fear within seeping slowly through, brutally crippling

Hopeless am I now
all resources drained
Hopeless am I now
oh please! Help me, from faith i have abstained

angry am I now
at all that surrounds me
angry am I now
for of struggle and pain I am seldom free

Lost am I now
left with nowhere to turn
lost am I now
Oh how these tears have started to burn

Defeated am I now
for I have fought till I can no more
defeated am I now
my courage has failed me, disappeared through the door

weary am I now
I beg for inner strength to return, to once again flow
weary am I now
for if strength does not return, straight to hell is where I'll go.

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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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Reworked this a few times.... let me know if this works....
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Touching beyond measure, palpable, feeling you Feebe ...Some poems are more important than poetry
Some make the reader live the heart of the writer and that my dear you have done
If theater you exceed; if reality may your destiny turn bright once again

Best Z

Very good poem.
I love the flow and the repetition.


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