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The heart is shaped
by remote shores

The lion keeps
its distant roar

A solemn vow
chased into view

As shadows walk
between and through

Editing stage: 


What is the form if you don't mind my asking.

Nothing to crit. here. Glad this caught my eye. ~ Geezer

This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place

vision lands
and underground realm bunker worlds

pines and stone hulks

I like how you write
"The heart is shaped by remote shores"

how you take the idea of a heart
and mould it from the outside
completely opposite to the notion
that all things emerge from here

that the heart is darkness

that wavelenghts fall against

stealth heart
or heartless
the intuition
delving delving...

The Lion Keeps its distant Roar
the power
the King

not stretching the primal
that potential idling

solemn vow chased into

like a shadow
seeing only the caste

as shadows walk between and

of the many which is the reality
that to the truth

like the shell game
the probability of numbers

Great cryptic poetry

Thank You!

primary wave
like overdose
its an amplitude of totality
and in addicts
the milligrams for death
can be measured in probablity
and at what amount
is the lethality

thirty pills
to the amount of one hundred twenty

like depths
for hulls
of below boats

Over Drive
an extra option
my vehicle had
like intelligence for some
when the load
is on board
and capacity is reached
an extra brain wave picks
up the extra..

number assimilation
music or colour

the land of the savante
or the genuis
seeing patterns in the near
impossible chatter of pattern
distortions of thought
ideology concepts

for most its an overdose of
thought wave

my truck would just idle
and saving gas consumption
cassette in the player
above sixty five to eight miles
thirty five to four thousand rpm
in line six

creativity flows in the rigtht temporal
lobe which is a pretty far out place
they are finding

gave me epilpsey and painting sketching
ability and writing

and intuition

and a love of Poetry

Thank You!

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