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Oak Tree

The tall oak tree stood on hill alone,
Each day the girl would visit,
This hill was home,

She would sit beside the large stone,
It was a comforting pillow,
She was no longer alone,

As she sat, she thought,
Her mind was a ticking bomb,

The oak tree had meaning & tears it brought,

She sobbed till she could no longer cry,
She surrendered to life,
What more could she try,

She once again lay against the stone,
It whispered to her in a comforting tone,
"Join me daughter & you will be free ..."

The next day another stone lay beneath the oak tree...

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
Is the internal logic consistent?
Editing stage: 


Very sensitive poem reminds me of a poem of a little girl in Canada who felt so connected with the mountains...this is a great example of how one is influenced in supposedly inanimate objects which they are in fact not and only the very sensitive are able to understand their emotions...very touching such short verses you have narrated a great story...


raj (sublime_ocean)

thanks for the feedback its great to hear coming from u as i admire your work and poetic style


author comment

I was trying to find Kelsey's poem about mountain but somehow do not find it on my data base..if I get it will share with you ...i must say you are having a poetic vision which enables you to come up with such poems as this one which makes even a stone talk and comfort a desolate girl....tell you what your pen name "hopeless writer" is beginning make it look ironic...

raj (sublime_ocean)

acctually this is my second account as i got locked out of my first one. i noticeed u had looked at two poems on that account . my other accounts name was "pointless writer" ( i wrote the poem titled HAIR)i got both of these name as in school i would be called a hopeless/pointless writer lol no one else in my year truely understand the relief of writing your emotions into poerty


author comment

thanks for the explanation...makes sense....anyways this is one poem which will remain etched in my memory like Kelsey's about mountains....thanks for the experience.

raj (sublime_ocean)

When Mountains Make you Cry

I find all of their kind have their beauty,
My favorite is a special group of five.
God’s work at its finest; They are perfection.
They make all their surroundings come alive.

My favorite of them all has got to be Mount Burke ,
For at the bottom of it is my original homeland
On its peak stands a cabin, built by a relative,
My great grandfather Jim Cartwright, a truly amazing man.

And to Burke’s far left stands Mount Sentinel ,
I first rode to the base at the age of seven,
Taking salt on horseback to grazing cattle,
It was then that I first got a glimpse of heaven.

In between these both is Flattop,
The shape is that like I’ve never seen.
Its top has no peak, just a smooth sleek ridge,
Watching it against the sky is like a dream.

To the right of my favorite another stoutly stands,
It has a unique name, crowned Mount Holy Cross,
Functional it is, snow melts into that shape,
Indicating that spring is come and winter now is lost.

The last of the mountains is not as well known,
It’s not technically a mountain, so few know its name,
I was ten when I decided I would title it,
Not to do so would be such a shame.

After much deliberation, I settled on Mount Cartwright ,
For it had watched five generations of us come through,
It watched over us and the land for over 125 years,
So call the name unoriginal, yet it is so very true.

It’s when I see my favorite five, senses overwhelm,
I try to hold in the salty tear, forgetting to breathe,
Because it’s when you see their beauty you feel so much,
One cannot help but believe.

I will love them forever and always, so enduring and gorgeous,
Watching them effortlessly decorate the sky,
You know there’s something more to life
When mountains make you cry.

~Kelsey Cartwright~

[My spontaneous response then inspired by her poem]
If I were a mountain, I would cradle you in my arms
Where th coolest of breeze would soothe your eyes
The rainbow would be nearer, so would be the stars
Where Angels would jostle to sing for you lullabies

Though frozen to the ground through ages umpteen
The love in your heart for each mountain is so moving
The tears in your eyes are not just yours fir sure
Some are of those mountains touched to their core

Yes, you have given something more to this life
A name to cherish for the rest of time
Not just a name but your very own
Making “Mount Cartwright” well known

raj (sublime_ocean)

That poem is beautiful it creates a clear image of the five wonderful mountains

author comment

Would "she no longer felt alone" be better?..just a thought

raj (sublime_ocean)

It actually has that line for a reason because in the second lay stanza the comforting tone refers to her as daughter . It’s up for the reader to interpret what that means

author comment

thanks for the explanation which makes sense...

raj (sublime_ocean)

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