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"NOT A DAY, OR WAS IT?" Margaret Ann Waddicor. November 15th 2010.

Today is not a day, its grey
no highlights wake my mind,,
the snowflakes one or two,
float by the window frame,

and all is quiet and colourless,
as white the grass is hidden,
the trees breath slowly,
their messages from heaven,
the weather tells them what to do,
to be and see and state,

relate to us the season's differences,
and bless our eyes with shapes
and forms that gaunt inspire,
the thoughts to other things than flowers
and insects on the wing.

even the wind it rests,
and doesn't stir a leaf,
or bang a twig against
the window sill, its still,

a peacefulness reigns queen,
in silky palest blues, the hues
that wash the hills with veils
of misty damp, to make them
drink their winters affluence,

in sleep they meditate the spring
are busy underground, where
all their juices gather,
hiding from frosts talons,
hold their warmth

to reawaken in the heat
of rising suns,
that touch their tips
a spotlight, where the crows
and thrushes stand,

waiting to sound the first hurrah,
and sing or croak,
its here, its here, its here,
the year, the year, the year,
has just begun again;

so hear me tell you loud and plain,
good cheer, good cheer, good cheer
will drive away all fear,
a happy happy new year.
** ** **

New year a bit early!!!
The inspiration:-

It started grey
and a walk in the big flakes
among the dark trees
was like walking into a fairy tale Christmas card,
so stilled and beautiful,

and as the day commenced
the grey clouds lifted a little to reveal
the distant hills, all covered with their new snow
looking like the fur of a Winter white fox.

The light glow of colour seeping into the scene.
As I descended in towards the town,
to go to the dentist,
the fjords and the hills beyond them
were all in the most beautiful,
shell-like blue, quite magic;

I wished I could have time to take a photo of it,
but I didn't, instead I enjoyed it from afar
with a dream-like feeling as the car rolled along,
slowly becoming too low to see it any more.

The rest of the day was clear
and bright sunlight,
so my poem predicted it!!!

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


This is the second poem today that has been an absolute delight to read, such wonderful imagery. Can't pick a favourite stanza - they are all so lovely!!

Thank you Ann for posting this beautiful poem.

Love Mand xxxxxxxxx

Thank you Shirl for the mistake seen,
it should be perfect in that respect too
shouldn't it, or the aesthetic form is not helped.
Have corrected it.

OH Lonnie that sounds good, thank you!!
Mand too glad you liked it.

Now for some supper!!! Back to the mundane!!!
Ann with love to all you poets.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

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