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(just a statement)

In these United States alone,
two million poets go unknown;
but in their dreams they all proclaim
that only their style leads to fame.
Grand words some use, conveniently—
yet vague can be such poetry.

I write not for posterity,
for fame, nor for prosperity;
but when my brain has turned to dust,
my skull a bucket filled with rust,
someone may find my rhymes one day
and smile at what I had to say.
Lord Byron I shall never be,
but I wrote pleasing poetry.

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no excuse doe no title come o now you created this give it a name would you not give a child that you hove created a name
well it goes without say you created this it is your child enough saidwill be back to read

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Hi, Jerry!
Very nice poem! I have to ask where you got the figure for unknown poets - is it simply a poetic thought? Individual style does play a role in choosing poetry preference and taste - I believe I could spot a JerryK poem in a batch!
Thank you!

the two million figure is one that had been mentioned in a Poet's Digest and stuck in my mind. It does make sense if you consider the number of poetry sites and publications like Poetry for Dummies, etc, pertaining to poetry, and then the countless amateur writers who dream of becoming famous.
Changing the subject: Over a year ago I self-published some 500-plus poems that I had hoped to self-marked. Forget about that scheme. However--a thief paid me the greatest compliment: I displayed a copy of my "Poetic Thoughts" at Bobbie's Cafe, in Sun City, Arizona. A few days later, the owner reported that the book had been stolen by a customer. She said she would be glad to pay for it, which I declined. I figured, if someone liked my work well enough to face possible arrest, then he/she is welcome to my poems. Anyhow; I just write for the fun. No expectations, lol. Think of me kindly. Jerry

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Your poetry book may be circulating at this moment! Meanwhile, I foresee a poem: "Poetic Thoughts at Bobbie's Cafe" or maybe "Poetic Thoughts in Sun City, Arizona". Poem worthy!

you mean my book may be passing from one thief's hands to the next thief's dirty paws? Perish that thought, lol. I like "Poetic Thoughts at Bobbie's Cafe," for a title. Thanks, dear lady.

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it was so astounding that the thief has to share it with everyone they know. I would prefer to think; [in case the book were mine] that the person just couldn't leave it behind because they found it so stimulating and at the risk of being ostracized by their peers,for being a thief, they are passing it on to be read read by all of the people they feel will enjoy it. ~ Geez.

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a waitress at Bobbie's told me, after the fact, that she had observed one particular lady lingering at the book display after paying her tab, flipping the pages,which was quite normal; after all, that's what the display was meant for. But that was the last anyone ever saw of the book or the lady. As said in my previous comment, I considered the theft an acknowledgment of my talent as writer. And . . . maybe she was just impressed by the 20 dollar price tag, lol. I like to think that she's drooling over some of my "riskier" love poems that abound-- Thanks, Geezer.

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