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No hands only intentions..... poetic justice this

Poetic justice
No hands only intentions poetic justice this

this is like a poetry
being written by a pen
without holding it
and as its ink flows
god knows
she will have a plentiful lot
a great shot
poetry of yours can never ever be forgot
and why not

If your lips and body language alone
can speak where is the necessity of one's
thus we enjoy this poetry,
one full of nectars and joys
we most certainly earned!
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Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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is writing about poetry and Neopoet and people on Neopoet.

give to the world, you have a lot to offer.

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but some guy wanted to show off..his!!!!
i commented and another US poet moderated
many just liked it

If I could produce gems only
then what will happen to Cadbury ..Jess
Thanks I feel the vibrations you infuse in me .
There must be some iota of poetry
within my veins
may be a part of a seed
how so ever minuscule
but tis..

...'''give to the world, you have a lot to offer. .'''
.I take it as a complement from my mentor
upon the wall in front of my lapstop
I shall paste it
each time my mind goes
out of its frame of mind...

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