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Nigella Lawson on her mother

Nigella Lawson is extremely peeved ,
About the comments made on the beeb
She told the truth about being beaten
Before the lemon roast chicken was eaten
Despite the fact that her father was famous
Chancellor of the Exchequer, she told us.
Complex relationship with her mother,
Did she love or did she hate her?
Nigel Lawsons not commented yet
He's too busy planning his next project
As I grew older I loved my mother
But despised the rest of them sister and brother
My mother tried hard despite all her failings
Sewing and cooking and making savings
remembered fondly for all she had done
In bringing up 5 kids all on her own.
Shame on you Nigellla, your mum is now dead
Why not remember good times instead?
She died of cancer, let her rest in peace
Should famous children tread on their deceased?

Last few words: 
English very rich cookery TVPersonality married to the multiimillionaaire Saatchi and Saatchi
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Helpful comments Lways appreciated though I may not be able to use them

author comment

So saddened by your childhood but nothing can be done now except to move forward.
Your mother loved you then and now. It was just that your life events and hers were conflicting. She with alcohol, bringing up children, no support etc. hope you are happier now

author comment

hardly seems a worthwhile subject for a poem.

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odd to see Weird dislike the use of such a non-cliche subject. i don't know the celebrity or her comments but they sure inspired a personal piece worth reading. on the comments: people will always argue and disagree and i personally despise the "i've had it harder than you' argument but it's unavoidable.
anywho, this piece was personal and relatable. could use some editing but i slip slyly away with no suggestions.

nullus anxietas

Feel free to suggest changes. Are you the fool on the hill?

author comment

he is a fresh, unafraid voice on this site. He made me read the poem properly.

And yes, it is worthwhile and powerful.

Oh but, yes, I don't know in this case, but sometimes the dead deserve trampling on, horrible abusive mothers and fathers especially.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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