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tucker swag
ghosts lean on oil paint wall
chinese calendar
its no longer 2013
no no no
and yet
more more
the never slow eye
Hit me Dealer
make the Devil Dance
U know U want to
give me a chance

This old leather chair
feels stolen
but nought
traded like lights in
the sky
close my eyes
I can feel the aurora
taste the borealis

'try caring..'
a Modonna in the glow
jim july cold like a bold
is this what my father felt
dragged under by his
faded to nothing by the
purity of the cure

billy of a bong

she sighs
the gravity of a freedom
beatbox sizzles like gristle
sighs like the rain
before the great exchange
and the slow execution
of mortality
swept like a minute hand
on the giants face
ten to twelve
how I loved its wit
my pager hums
and she opens her
eyes....into the angels
the darkness speaks
like a wind moving
through the porch
let us rest
fallen from some
mannequins post
nuke town safety
dressed in a street
version of sundays
survive the test...

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Very rich message
interludes of the response of natures call
Thank you for the kindness you extend with this piece
I wouldn't change anything
A remarkable message very rich aura intact
Keep them coming Esker !

Mario Vitale

first time since 2007
ten years has anyone
hinted at the 'there'
moments of the works

'lights of town shimmering
at dusk'

I grew up in a small town
there was the pretty much same
kind of existance for many
the church...small but busy
United did its work for those
that cared enough to get off
their stumps Sunday..
we quit growing soon as we
were old enough to sit in
the pews upstairs away
from sunday school
around time I was eight

end of the post hippy post
disco era
and eighties....
world falling apart more
social then...not the
brutality of todays madness
for nothing...except well
it then society
is either in pure denial
or they just dont want
to see whats coming more
and more...
it aint going to let up

FM radio...big business
got into radio in sixties
late seventies...uncles
chyrsler driving my mom
brother to toronto
leave after dinner or go
light..less stops
he had fm on...
richer stereo sound
and he did country but
sometimes flipped it
into gospel..then
the orators...
still watch the power
of speakers today
the use of language
to propel sway mesmerize
and put to sleep the

they do have an aura
a mesmerizing one
but power is such
nothing is denied
about this
the humbleness of
the soul is what
God seeks and his
son taught
riding on the ass
then the finest
arabian...the basic
ferrari of its day
which his entourage
to the towns thought
would be fitting for
a king...
just not used to that

my writing is base enough
there are worlds far far
beyond this in depth
and of course exhalted
aspirations the other
way....spiritual quests

but base writes
there are the sadists
and true dogs that value
nothing more then to
have their moment with
compliant partakers of
sin the most vile of acts
everyone desires good
or darkness
the nature of our complex
pyschological build
maybe i just got one black
wing and one white wing


thank U chevyvent
Mr Traveller

author comment

Excellent piece of writing again, just as I expect from you. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

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