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Never to know...

To be loved by all
But wanted by none
This is the curse of the sign.

Patiently waiting its turn at affection
But shutdown every turn it gets.

The perspiration of desperation dripping down it's sullied face
Drip Drop, Drip Drop
And still it cries out in anguish, in pain
But nobody gives a damn, watching it drown in its tears
This is the curse of the sign

Hoping, praying for something, anything to show it some care.
But there it remains for neglect
To dwell in squalor and pain
Drip Drop Drip Drop

Suddenly a beam of light breaks through
To be immersed in an even thicker pool of darkness
It calls out in sorrow,
But nobody hears. Nobody cares.

It's fate sealed in life's black ink
In the penmanship of destruction
On the paper of pain
Drip. Drop. Drip...

And then life ceases
Darkness has won
Staring into its wide lifeless eyes
And this is the curse of the sign.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I see your first submission was never
commented on, you will need to jump in,
comment on other poets works, let them
know you are here and have something to
This poem, the title sounds good but it
makes little sense. Poetry doesn't have to
make sense but it helps your readers resonate
if it does. Wouldn't it make more sense like this;
"The sign of the curse"
Your poem is engaging non the less, most have
felt they are forgotten by chance and love, and your
poor guy it seems goes to his grave never knowing ...
sad, so it is effective.
Thank you for sharing

Richard (themoonman)

Thank you for the advice!

author comment
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