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Phantoms pass through my mind
Walking loudly, waving as though I know them
Making sense of them impossible
Though I try

I'm reminded of words out of context
“What light from yonder window breaks?”
“Who goes there?”
Sights and smells, sounds without feeling

Just let me be, I'm sleeping in today

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
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This sounds like one of those days when you wish it was over before it began!
A person's mind has way of playing games and there's not switch to shut if off....been there!
Long story short, I can relate!

valene reality
my brilliant females thesis in university
passed with honors
all my bright friends hover on
be suprised at how many people
see things...they try to harness it
with spells..ju ju ouija
u name it...
there are spirits
that part i aint making
up....i dont telll anyone
of the signs or words
i get from here and there
why one understands
it that much....our minds
and who we are as humans
are more then mere science
can explain away vaguely

sleeping in....recharge on mars
a saying for the mars bar commercials
im a sucker for witty one liners
love em...
i sleep in..did this today
filling up my tanks on piss and
like going on patrol with a full
ammo belt and enough clips
forget the food
everything is surreal in the real
world anyway..
just look whats going on
far from ideal but it is...
excellent\1 love your poems
a visionary...
dark paradise
from lanas songs whom i love
a muse that is and isnt according
to media

waking up at dusk
my vampire side coming alive
will go for a prowl morrow to
the downtown and mall

thank \u \geezer

mr wolf

Ah, maybe one of your phantoms is indeed Juliette and will cast a golden glow all around.

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My wife usually gets up before me and I probably heard the sounds of her making her cuppa coffee.
The opening of the fridge, the clink of her cup and the micro-wave bell. I most likely incorporated those muted sounds and integrated them into my half-awake dreams, not wanting to wake just yet!
Thanks for the comment. ~ Gee.

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author comment

I'm wondering if your 'mind phantoms' are related to mine in some way. They can be so annoying especially until they invaded, as far as i know, i was sleeping peacefully.
I think this poetic piece does your title justice and love your last line!
Long story short, thanks for sharing!


sometimes i dream
i awake mid seventies
early eighties
the news casts on
saturday nite live circa 1989
I can feel the waterbed under
me.half awake I can hear the flooring
plant just down the hill over the tracks
on the bay..Huntsville
I know its not there..
they tore it down years ago
I worked there for a summer
Carolee and I been split since
94' the dream is from 1989
Empire Hotel burnt down in mid two
phantoms stir
I love em

we record all of the details in our
heads...the feel of the fridge doors
the stove knobs where we cooked
ate..survived in those spaces

its in us....

like the house we moved too after was haunted
true spirits

sleeping peacefully
but we get awakened

mr wolf

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