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My One and Only

I think of you
In the sleepy afternoon
I remember the flowers
Fluttering in the breeze
And your melody echoed
Reaching the depths
Of a soul deep asleep
Waking it from dreaming.

I think of you
When the sky from cerulean
Turns into gold
I recall the moments
When my gazes never settled
Until they found you
And my cheeks burned
Though I hated it,
My lips couldn't lie
For the smile never left me.

I dream of you
Those days when the sun slept
And the moon slowly ascending,
I waited for a wishing star
While holding your hand
In the land of dreams come true.

I long for you
Those silent nights - starless and cold
When the rain poured down,
I lay awake,
Unable to sleep but wanting
To be with you behind reality.

And I miss you so
When the cicadas at dusk cry
When the song is sung
And its melody unheard.
Yes. I sing for you
And only for you.

And so, I love you
In a way no one knows
And I'm devoted
To the memories of you
And yes, my tears are shed solely for you
Like the dews that fall from the flowers
And I call your name
Like the turbulent river that flows
And I want to see you
Sending this longing to the wind that blows
Hoping someday
It will reach you
And by chance, you'll remember
Me and only me...

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Running into someone who gave me 5 years of unrequited love brought back so many memories of him...
Editing stage: 


greatly love how poets describe the passion the process
fave line is describing dusk...

I know of many poets searching for love
and presently myself have no singular love
although.......there are interests..

I like your poetry for its descriptive phrasing
and notations of time..dusk dawn..
focus.....things I struggle with in my writing
the links

I enjoy my time alone lately....
get to know myself
but I see those holding hands

nice to see

Its Victoria day weekend here in canada
and Im here in the library basement
while there is a hot sun
wonderful weather to enjoy
and I am not alone...

other nerds are writing
beyond the I phone
or cell phone....

I greatly enjoy Love poems like this
and think of all the greats
Billie Holiday
etc etc etc whom loved to be loved
and be in love

and never found the true essence of it
always searching....

a voyager instead
a traveller forever....

Thank You!

Solitude, as others see, is the state of loneliness
For me, it's like gazing at the pale beauty of the moon
Wondering if I could at least grab
One of those so many stars
Adorning her velvet black hair.

My inspiration for this poem
Is an unrequited love that lasted for six summers of my life.
But I don't think of it
Like the way others see it
Like eating bitter melon and forcing yourself to swallow
I see my love as something great
Something I can treasure...
And that is loving someone purely and unconditionally

I, myself, am fond of gadgets
But I have this weird feeling that
If I use technology to create my art,
It simply doesn't feel right...It doesn't have the emotion I want to convey
This is very conventional but I always carry a writing pad with me
And of course, a pen.

Love comes at the right time they say!
Good luck on your quest of finding
The One True Love of your heart and soul!


"Time is a sly one,
In a blink of an eye,
It is gone."

author comment

So you bumped into a memory and it gave you so much joy, it told me that there were others like me in this world, yet if I were to write of the memory alone it would be beautiful.
I write of the memory sometime it is still so clear and it has only been 35 years, but it is as yesterday.
It shows me how time in another way doesn't exist, in that when we meet again, it will be as yesterday.
Even now as time has passed I see the other person as they grow older, now that's a story that cannot be told, there are ones I have to honour here and now, as it was all those years ago and they would not understand ????
A lovely write and the theme lives in others, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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