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MY NEW YEAR( October contest)

January isn't my new year
October brings new color everywhere
a month of change and coming cheer
and filled gun racks here and there.

Companionship around a camp fire
with tales of hunts from long ago
inflamed bucks' intense desire
discussing where we ought to go.

The smell of gun powder and oil
and wet wool on rainy days
looking forward to the coming toil
of dragging deers where puddles glaze.

Greeting chill dawns as days' lengths decrease
and the cold dark nights grow long
and the winter brings a silent peace.
To October is where new years belong.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
One of the few poems which I've ever posted straight from mind to paper with no edits
Editing stage: 


We have both done the same I think we should all be spontaneous in our writes sometimes.
I cant imagine taking more than an hour to write a new piece< as I have said many times I use to write for people on Beer mats and bits of paper where ever I was at the time and they didn't take up too much time.
I still have some of the original beer mats from Fridays in Ottawa up north a bit lol,
Take care my friend and your write is fine, I bet you miss the hunting..
Now you must hunt for words to tell us all about your being and what made you
Take care, Yours Ian ..

Words can build a nation

I figured a raw post might be a good idea at times

author comment

poets like you dispose
kick it off the cliff
I fly ff in a whiff
where is Shirley

Shirley is long gone and between contests, workshop and deer season I'm short of time lol

author comment

We all selected

been so busy I didn't notice she was gone lol

author comment

on this one. The only place I got a little lost in the pattern and rhyme, was at the end.
I would do it this way:

Greeting chills in the dawn of morn
daylight less as the nights grow long
Bucks are battling with their horns
October sings my New Year song

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Bring your dark and delicious work
to show.

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