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My hopes crashed yeas ago,
living me scattered I can't flow,
my time is no longer sufficient,
I have tried to be more efficient.

To increase, to add value in life,
one had to be free and strive.
years of darkness thwarted me,
I became jaded and unable to flee.

I have spent more time for a while,
seeking a new hope in a long mile,
I travailed spiritually and emotionally,
but failed physically not intentionally,

Yet, I am still hanging on the air,
getting my life back is quite rare,
In life tough time never last forever,
I shall stand firm and see it over!

A new hope is what I craved all alone,
i'm quite not a thriftless rolling stone,
I want to leave a blissful life again,
a life with decency of heart not stain.

If things work out fine and I stand,
I shall be a harbinger of new brand,
though my tale of woes tarried long,
but my testimony shall come along.

©® Onyinyechi Cosmos Etu

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