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My meditational sprayer

My Meditational Sprayer

Blood pressure
is not a disease

When I went for my medicals
a doc said
‘‘No air travel''
but I insisted
whether or not
I would

He gave me ten tablets
asked me to buy more
if I survived the flight

That was only 5 years
down memory lane
I did not from medicine gain
I abandoned


It's more
that we must reduce
our loneliness
our isolation
superficial stress
forced darkness

I have a lady friend taking
BP medicine
since passed
two decades
I did not take
even those ten


What I am
trying to say
many diseases
are psychosomatic
keep docs in hand
lest early in your grave
you land
holding only your own hand


When your heart beat
starts to pound
you may take the medicine
the doc says
just in case....
believe him
as he is a specialist
but also pray
ask him how from medicine
to stay away
he will simply hmmm
may bray
so happily pass
your tension today

from darkness
dark poetry
stay away

Life when one is smiling
also making others laugh
more hopefully at last
may not be that fast!

Hope you will consult the doc
ere he does me blast!

Let Curtain now Fall

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


thanx for d input

author comment

Blood pressure is certainly not a disease, we'd all be dead if we didn't have any.
Slight correction it's memory lane, not memories lane.
I think you have some good points nestling in there Lovedly. I think it could do with a some pruning to condense it a bit though. Jx

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I also thought so
memory failed me
know I know
shall do so

will abridge it
can you help me

author comment

Not just at the moment, as am about to go and spend the rest of the day with my mother.
But if you start, then I could drop by later and see where you're at.
Not that I hasten to add, I'm an expert in any way, shape or form.

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

memory lane only

author comment

Loved then olden times

author comment

'From darkness
And dark poetry
Stay away'

From this I must abstain....

Hard to follow
I find it

the way you have sectioned your poem.
Am on holiday for a couple of weeks Lovedly, so may not be around as much as usual, as probably won't have wifi.
No doubt I'll catch up with your work when I get back.

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

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