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My love is like a clear spring day
whose golden sunbeams go their way
and suddenly explode in dew
to sparkle once again like new

Like spying a small calf just born
a'frolicking this sunny morn
crying out with joyful bleat
while running 'round on tireless feet

It fills me with a joy profound
like spotting a quail upon the ground
her young ones following around
this bird not sure just where she's bound

Like petals of a new bloomed flower
still dampened from last night's spring shower
heavenward its substance towers
shouting forth about God's powers

My love is like a budding tree
I hope she feels the same toward me

* first poem I ever wrote over 40 years ago

Editing stage: 


this is very good indeed. My first one was called The Creature and is on this site somwhere. 'Twas only six lines.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

It must be at least OK as the high school girl I wrote it for is still my better half

author comment

poetry and sonnetry
are just too lovely

I recall my earlier days
when I too loved so many
none threw any dry
near green grass then at me

but i didn't rally
I was just frolicking only
now in their memory I too compose
at times silly poetry

Your sonnet imbues me

That's stretching to call this a sonnet I think lol

author comment

i read the last two lines

I wrote this I didn't know a sonnet from a bonnet lol

author comment
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