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My Isolation

Staring out the window
in the dark
Same old empty feeling
in my heart

I know it's only been a few days
But I miss the moments
When we would go outside.
Taking walks, hand in hand,
Sharing popcorn at the movies,
Going to a ball game,
Dancing the night away,

It's so lonely,
So empty,
In my room,
My Isolation

The absence of moments in time
Brings the darkness

Strapped to a chair,
Trapped by my own mind,
Looking at the open entryway
With demons dancing in my head,
Feeding my mind with bitter thoughts.
The outside comes to my window,
All is vivid and near but can't be touched

It's so lonely
So dreadful
So frightful
In my room,
My Isolation

The world may never end
But I may not have many days

Staring, silent, bare and hollow
looking out from within,
Still waiting for a rainbow
after the storm,

It's so lonely
so empty
so frightful
so hopeless
in my room
My isolation

My isolation

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Thanks Jerry !!!!

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