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My Heart Bursts with Love for You

For a moment I thought I could not find you
For years I’ve been thinking about you
For you and you alone can bring happiness
and make my life joyful and complete

For years, I have been going around with friends,
asking them about you, your whereabouts,
and wherein this world I could ever see you
with the longing eyes of my heart—My Love

Today is my special day, but how could I
rest my mind when my heart wants to unload
all my love for you, when my heart is bursting
with joy just letting you know how much I love you

Oh, it’s true, I want to shout to the whole world
My undying love for you; our selfless love
can make our life whole and complete
So, let us move on, enjoy our lives together

What an unforgettable day when I finally found you
Hesitatingly, slowly asking you with almost
muted lips, “Are you the former Virginia ?”
"Yes, I'm, I remember your voice, I'll never forget you."

We today vow to love each other till the end.
It’s not easy, My Dear, without loving our routine
We hug, kiss, embrace, and chat with sweet-nothings
Every day, it’s always a new day, a new beginning.

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Or Valentine’s day/week work….

You work here reads like some Arabic writers work -that I have read. Overflowing with the emotion, and long enough to make the point.

I have the impression that you had Your Love in mind, not necessarily in sight for far longer than when you have them in hand.

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Well, it's true my poem is overflowing with emotions especially now
that I've finally found her--no more waiting, no more worrying.

author comment

PERHAPS made her hear
only one lover that word can endear'
say it again with another emotional
one added
google would do
before your heart does really burst
nice lover journalist are you
many more would love desire endear you

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