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my feet are loved. A poem inspired by a fellow Blue Canadian

my feet are loved.

I would like to welcome you
a third Canadian poet
from or of Canada here
one is the greatest Esker

I rarely read epicurial poems
as my appetite is tight
but your maiden one
i had to make an exception

i saw a gal on the beach alongside another
almost in nothing
bikini under sand immersed
instead of in water

your poem flashed by
and made me sigh
I just can't say why
in memory she flew by

the curvatious one
the twisting and twirling
her lovely emotions unfurling
a stranger I
just glared and vanished
ere she flared

but lo and behold
she gave a sigh
I can't say why
perhaps twas the poetry in her eye

that's what made me read you
wondering if twas you
and what surprises me most
the word loved you also use...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I've been craving Canadian bacon for ages. Can't buy any over here.
Have some exporters infiltrate the Aussie market please, we have more Nederlander products here than Canadian. Lol.

'write on! let these words free.'

I did read this when you left it as a comment to my poem
and I smiled.
Tried to come up words to say when a poem is written because of poem I wrote.
The night and flu I've been in bed with for 2 days, prevented me from leaving anything resembling English or coherence.

So, here I am and I am still fighting flu but again I am smiling.
Big heart smile.
For the lovely bit of poetry that I feel as though I starred in :P
but more for this curious tingle that I get when I fsit with the idea that I inspire anything and that you gave my poetry a purposeful existence beyond its...well, poetry.

I really am flattered, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I feel equally inspired in turn.



it's a real pleasure to read you
I thought that a bolt from the blue
will knock me down

glad twas not to be
as blue is a lovely colour
we all can see

your comment eases my nerves too
hope to read more of and from u


author comment

i do hope the poetry absorbed the flu
and now better
much better ru???
cold still


author comment

it took a little while but I've kicked the flu's ass...I'm sure the poetry helped :)

let's not be greedy
and help one another
smiles will of there own come and solve
why bother ...
for life is just a passing phase
some write poetry
some phrase


author comment
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