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This, my Autumn Day

A fall day such as this I’ll keep
Emblazoned in my memory;
A finer one, with friendly skies,
I doubt that I shall ever see.

Soft winds drive lamb-shaped cumulus
Across the sky; this is the end
Of summer’s heat, and I rejoice,
Applaud this overdue godsend.

The air is crisp, and my two dogs
Run non-stop through the yard and play
With fallen citrus, “catching ball.”
Oh, such pleasant autumn day!

On hill tops, kids fly homemade kites,
So high, they seem to touch the clouds;
I let mild gusts fan me and watch
Soft creatures form in vapor shrouds.

This is an autumn such as I have
Seldom seen before; who knows—
Shall I see another one like this?
Well—if not, that’s how it goes.

But, should I not behold again
This golden season’s manifest,
Feel crisp air bringing on sweet change,
At least, with this one, I’ve been blest.

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Structured: Western
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I couldn't have put it better myself, you have captured so much of the beauty of autumn inside this poem, as ever applause from Mrs Teddy

Thank you...Teddy

I enjoyed this. Only problem my opinion is capitalizing even the lines which are obviously a continuation of the preceeding verse. Kinda make me trip in reading. Now I gotta go take advantage of my own nice autumn day

I'm still so locked into the habit of capping those first letters in rhymed poetry that I must make a major effort to break away from that habit. However, I CAN DO IT--if I must. LOL, Thank you, my friend. Jerry

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it's still hot here in Az., but I believe I have the power to persuade the heat to get the hell out of here, eventually, lol. I remember those lovely Indiana autumn days, but here I am--being the desert rat that I am, longing for cooler days--and a cold beer, lol. Thank you. Jerry

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You know a poem works when each stanza could stand alone.

And your language was as always, impeccable !


it's always great to see you. Thanks for your much appreciated comment. Your statement is quite correct. Thank you, friend; take care. Jerry

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