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Oh sir, nice to meet you
I see you chose
The weekly-unlimited option

I’m truly excited
What’s our schedule like today?
Are we starting downtown?
Going to the museums?
How about we head uptown
For some fine sea-side dining

I don’t want to state the obvious
But you are bending me! Ouch!
Let me tell you my friend the Gatekeeper
He’s a bit overprotective
So straighten me out
And we can get this train
Out of the station!

By the way
In case you didn’t realize, I’m a metro card!
You can call me Mr. Metro

Oh, I see you have another one as well
Damn! Mrs. Metro is looking good
Is that a 2016 expiration date
You are walking around with?
Wow, young and good-looking?
I certainly wouldn’t mind
Taking the express train with you
All the way to the last stop
Just playing, but seriously I’m a gentleman
You won’t need to call that 511 number
For metro card customer service
Trust me I got your back

Well anyway I got carried away
Hey Gatekeeper!
I got a travel companion with me tonight
Train car for two please

Well it’s been a long week
Sheesh I am all swiped out
I mean just look at these stretch marks
Oh my god my bar code is just ruined!

Wait, wait, wait! I take it back!
Don’t hand me over to Tommy Trashcan!
No offense but he’s kind of trashy

I got a good idea
We work so great together right?
Why not refill me … save a buck
Common it’s only fare
Hey, at the end of the week
A dollar earned is a dollar spent ;)

Editing stage: 


It has been some time since you have last posted. It was worth the wait. The only stumble I found was the use of trashy so close to trashcan.

Thanks for posting and all the other things you do as well.



"a dollar earned is a dollar spared"... i like the busker hustle feel of this..
the banter we dont even have up here..
canadians..some drivers have it..

if you recharge your card you probably do spend less..
many dont have the change.
so the direct five or two or ten gets shoved in the
kitty to make the train....
the whole missed train..catch a cab in prime time would
be a nightmare...

i like the trashcan
and i can see the trashy be side spoken
like the narrator on the movie speaking to the audience
it was a shakespearin theme to do this too...

witty as always with its true city feel

thank you!

Nice poem. Interesting read


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