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Mr. Edgar Aleph

the stars light the grass of the skies quiescent
that retardation are kindled to log fire
of Edgar in the armies heeled boots
than when we were imprisoned,
by silence of pulse in the shrinkage comatose
arrested and by reason, we wrote Aleph lightening
to Edgar if we secretly needed loosening bolts-
and though on snow, sodded ice grills glum
whits is the unicorn in its hermitage
birches bring on he cricketers cormorants
--- Edgar, three tiered parallelogram dashes
turned upside to the where they can swim
bats which are the dims of dusk flung
each shooting one.. and the sparkling fjord
they float, but not on seas like boat breathing,
so rivers in the tremulous wince,
six times eat your fourth finger, no third;
poltergeists can feel that they move
hedge withered of black ornaments bellicose white
befloat as flowers on a brides Broadway
of the forests d.n.a, and the wild cascades
crop from babies dream- DRAGOON on dolmens cheek
puffed- pick his tooth at a restaurant clairvoyance
pull off shoes before glitz ionized rearing luminous
one clamp, and the rockets swing of eternal life, soldier!
there were two girls.. who lived on a beach,
two men and trypanosomiasis , this was when
raked the footstool and buried the rustle of flowers
lay to rest and baser- meteoric pinnacle,
where you live, sometimes in your sleep
blue flames of the sixth dream.
shoeing in the urn_ star like elixir
take now of culpable to form a rosy plume
but scrapes that fill the heart, conjoin- spruce of gales
and the valleys, the cranes of a man , breathe into it,
ribbons and brow they were knit imps
looked at each other, living to the mirror of shapes
shades bionic transplanted, upheavals disintegrate.
Harrows say- it was latinate on the suns coat
for blossom of spring cricketers

Editing stage: 


spring cricketers..
soon here the lands will be dried enough
green enough for games..
the use of soldier and merriment
loosened chains
etc very good

old mans heads popular gear
two girls..
a young mans life

thank you!

There's a good tale here which could be more easily read if broken into stanzas or paragraphs. Either one gives the reader a pause to catch their breath and think about what he/she just read.....just an idea.......stan

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