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Mozarts sonata

playing this solo instrument, the scenery slow
has an outer space setting with nova and planets
and record a macro, when you have entered this preferences
humans are all cartoon masterpiece , cut around
the bee with the scissors tool and drag it around
make the bee bob from flower to flower,
leave the bee, paste in a butterfly
and float it around the flowers, primogenitors
remember, before you play back into micro oblivion
you must put everything back into the position
it was in when you started mourning morbid mortality you are preparing for payback
but you want time to have to think about the cock crows
where to move a character next, you can just pause,
scenes and characters , to prepare your cartoon
you need to draw a scene for the actions
to take place in, and a "character"
to move around the scene, open two copies
of brushpaint, draw a scene and a character on the other,
give each picture a different file name
can you, place them both in your projects and save them?

welsh rabbit in a dog pit, your character will appear
in your scene, drag it around your sense
to give the impression of the characters moving
saints they say-" you can move other characters in that scene," be careful that you don't cut out part of the backgrounds too,
or this will move around with your character
if there was a recorder for your sins- it resumes your recording,but when you have entered this chambers
, then watch as the picture magically withdraws itself
when you play back the recording to come back
are you complete and yet in him knolls sonata,
gold of the beach for their richness,
the castles cast to build mountain in fires,
scuttle flowers in red burner? ashes of ashes

you can play back a Schubert, at two different speeds
fast or at the speed at which you recorded it
the exact position of your pointer, before a foregrounded existence; guessing games ,there are lots of ways to use recorders,; in record, select record- in the macro pugilist
for i recorded a macro- speed protean
only his deceased picture, when you play it back,
, how can you get your friends to try to guess
what the picture is before it is completed,
the foreground colour is black;extension, finally.

most middle end have a beginning
as an interactive story, and yet
who can decide what happens next in Shekinahs
by making a series of choices, depending on which course you choose,you are still directed to another number card
death can use coded messages easy to understand
but i remember one good season in august-
where , less fiery the suns beam, in frolic fields,
pink squirms like satin.

a man shouted for joy. Amen
but yet your secret picture will appear
in the appearance section, or in its place
draw an innocent looking picture, a closer look
the character map squares are very small
and it can be difficult to exact shape of some characters
the ones you seek, lurking above the cloud,
take a look at any character in the map,
as you try,the square will appear magnified
the dead see cheeky cartoon portraits, of their friends
this would be a good time to self inflict yourself,a new name,helpless and hopeless, homeless when you came in scarlet,suckling, at best but now, you create a rogues
galaxy gallery , of criminals, all change from shrink and glow,or welcome yourself- a graffiti mat, or a cheese mat.

Editing stage: 


mozart was a musical geniuse
the proverbial cat on the fence
at night

but no alley prodigy
the extreme upper wealth
a man who drew in with every
breath the passion of all
things...he held nothing back

his rival composer so jealous
was said he poisoned Mozart
and his own works once the
flower of mozart was gone fell
obscured into history
rarely known not for his own
musical talents but for noterity oddity mere

the word use is fantastic in your
works and the metaphors truly
having been a book reader then
street man...and arriving through
life as a mere lower middle class
survivor I tended to enjoy books
as I was shunned for being too odd
from most groups...
so I enjoy the genius of the odd
worded works like this that too me
with my many variety of people
and friends of the world and many
many books over the years...
I enjoy creative minds such as
yours very much!

thank U E


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