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Moving Picture Show


I’m about all played out
a lifetime of scenes and
short vignettes
celluloid and technicolor
pieces I want to forget
lying on the cutting floor.

Predetermined yet self- created
In a determined way
Identified by my limitations
betrayed by my strengths
existentially nauseated

Last scene is a cappella
Finish is open-ended

Fade out….

“Cut ! It’a a take.”

Editing stage: 


Making a film incorporation

centomila grazie ! [ a hundred thousand thanks] :)

author comment

my mind dictates
that you are totally well
with your philosophical bent of mind

at times
you want to tell
the whole maddened world
you are unwell
perhaps that's one way
all can say
read Geremia today
see what he has to say...

great capture of human minds anyway


I wish it were so, my friend. I pray that my mind stays "clear."



author comment

It will be great loss to the poetic world
when time comes
till then continue
the world needs great folks like you



There is a stillness deep
a silence that soothes
and terrifies
no words can be spoken
the noise of living fades
into distant places
and I wait quietly

the world doesn't speak
to me
the same way it did before
my words are sharp
and clear
yet somehow fade
and disappear
heard by few
...and none.

my art if art it be
hides my soul in metaphor
and tells much more
than you see.

my eyes are weak
my movements slow
and heavy
my thoughts at times unclear
and I fear
the madness they say
is to come.

yet my will is strong
and with each strike
stronger still.

when my heart
wants to give in
I push the day
to live again

author comment

BRAVO… that's what spirit is all about

a challenge to those who know
that this way they shan't walk again
even alone….
so be thyself
let the world go to hell ,
we have to live
the life ordained
and let it not be by our weakness stained

for tomorrow is definitely ordained
how…. none can that say
but heart within does display,
a desire that's what Loved can now say..
the hour appointed
has not yet been anointed
time has a time of its own
a watch to mankind yet unknown
unless the scientists invent
a switch off


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