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The Moon Shiniest Bright

The full moon shiniest bright inside its double ringed circle
as I hoped to see the blood moon meteorologist talked about all week.
Sad to say I missed the moment so many gazed
with their telescopes and cameras.

I pulled back the white sheer curtain to see the moon
shining its soft shine into my dark room.
A brown curtain is all that keeps prying eyes from peeping
in the sliding glass door at midnight.

The wooded area so close behind my house hides much.
No animals roaming, vertical or upright, can see me sitting,
watching TV or on my iPad late into the wee hours of the morning.

October 8 2014 sees another blood moon, but I missed it all.
Maybe the next one will grace my eyes with its beauty.

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could sense your pangs for missing out on sighting of the lunar eclipse in this poem. May you be able to partake in the beauty of nature is my wish for you...i too couldn't sight the celestial marvels due to overcast skies...even though i stayed awake...


raj (sublime_ocean)

Thanks for reading.

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author comment

that way for the aural effect but it bothers me.
Like Raj I sensed the poignancy in this, not just missing the blood moon but something deeper. This is a poem that could be taught in schools to show the power of poetry to express something deeper than the words themselves explicitly say. This is grand work, although there are a couple of internal inconsistencies. The white sheer curtain becomes a brown curtain and vertical or upright do you mean to distinguish between human and animal? In which case perhaps four legged or upright?
This is all poetry should be, something far larger than itself. I love it.
I also think it might be preferable to spell
October 8 2014
October eighth, two thousand and fourteen.

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