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I push the language to its edge
and through the bounds of standard,
the word takes on a life of its own
sinew and bone
of metaphor and oxymoron
meanings never before told
The soul speaks in irrational tones
and strikes unknown realities:
the other side of the moon.

Editing stage: 


The moon...
I am always fascinated
with this sattelite of earth's

I like your organic descripts
in this one...
words with contours
somehow more personal
then a mere element
metaphor or steel
tin jewel etc

close to home
this one....

Thank You!

Words used to have magical powers; curses. incantations. litanies, The word is an organic element with a spirit,

Thanks, Steven


author comment

I have carefull gone over them all...Our women put the men
in their place..Most of them laughed it off...
I wanted to the spells by the matriarch worked
on me...and the Women I ran with..
puzzle pieces..Thick skin...
waiting it out..

Women curtsied to me
Because of the formality I had
have...The voice I use
there is power in articulation
sublte nuance..

I wondered about this little
step forward and bow
for four years now....
and I saw it during a video
clip of a wedding
in a catholic church
the woman doing that
same step forward

If I had the young woman
to ask her background
I would be happy to hear
it was Catholic upbringing

it not then a wild guess
but like gambling those
are the long shots on

I dislike mirrors
and numbers I love
There is a parking meter
and a hydro pole I must
slip between and touch
both often...I dont care
small things I can let
be...thirteen is a lucky
number for me
and yet others wont
go under a ladder

a wide world!!
and there is so much about
the moon
perhaps why it is powerful
and spells must be done
in its prescense
it does witness much!!

Thank You!

The gravitational pull from the moon affects mood. It gives extra power to the curse.

Etymology of LUNATICS ]>luna =latin for moon]

author comment

Always said I was cursed...
scott doctor young was nervous..knocked over a lamp in delivery room
Then on drive home the station wagon was almost hit by a train..
that was enough....My blue eyes yet to turn grey...
I had no name till almost three months

I wonder if I look in the records to see what was in the sky that night
long ago!!

The moon does affect many!!
it can pull an ocean far up like that.
and thats amazing!!

Rely on your thoughts and use the things around you.
Blend with all the things you see.
Touch the other side of the moon.
Then come here and touch the inside of a flower bud, feel its power.
Steve you have watched many times the power of the waters, where they move the mountains to the arms of the sea.
Joe you have played with your memory, and know that there in the folds of time you are whole, this will be your place later there is a place for us all.
Did I say that you have lots to write, the last train is a way off yet.
Take care both, and your writing was great and Steve's comments are a great write in their own right,
Yours Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Touching the other side
of the silent
flat chested moon.

I thought the moon was a flat mirror
till the Digest struck me dumb

Naive okay straightforward idiot
the moon runs faster than does the sun
shows the front face only to human

now tis your reflection
go get the other half across the moon
if you can run faster too
can you
F uuuuuuu

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