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stub of dream
auxilliary sub beat
flashs of bright true image
I can hear the creak
like light on that shutter blade
as it flicks the scene

this drone of now
submersed in fluid
the face says
the body says there

and the soul hurls
against the wretched
flight in exstacy
this burning wish
flaring like a strobe

and all dark angles
sharp as a blade
on velvet

Editing stage: 


i do the best to make new language of old
words one merely has to read poetry less
then a hundred years to see how language
recreates meanings its sculpting to me
i dont follow convention make it up as
I go along letting the mere power of the
word stand out in a way without the
selling of all the rest of the prompts

literaly bartering an understanding with
the reader

its all poetry in the end
thank You Longo

author comment

Bartering an understanding with the reader.
Love the poem but consider your reply to be the more significant work!

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Poetry, Steven, comes from many sources, but few can manipulate the word and give it another reality n a special context. That is creativity, You have that ability.


staring too long at the sun?
You are right Jess the comment feilds
are what makes this place and poems
come into some kind of meaning.
I dont remember this work
a lot of the times Im pretty out
there...sleep deprived under
a lot of stress..

its good though because the more
i work to get my poetry legible to the
mind the more in real life I can
speak and people understand

Give it another reality
Thanks for the compliment!
I work hard at the mix
words can have

Thank You!

author comment
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