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Missus bandy legs.

I love you Missus bandy legs
your Yorkshire puds are great!
the geodetic dumplings
monolithic on my plate,

Your gravy is exquisite
baby carrots so divine,
and the magic you do with it
I'm so glad-- that you are mine!

(thirty years later)

Look, its poached
or fuckin fried !
Its either, or !
there ain't no more,
tertiary options -- out de door !!

Mister bandy legs, Obi.

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..poetry book on the unfortunate exploits of Obadiah Grey. I would actually pay money for a copy.


. like my lost dreams...the flood

I have thought about it, Thomas.
But, I'm not vindictive enough to foist my stuff on the goodly folk of 'actual poetry'.

Cheers, Obi.

author comment

Try scrambled, coddled or raw as in steak tartare.

Or cook it yourself.

the change in perspective after 30 years

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