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A Miracle

I'm having a miracle
Wow, what a thrill
my husband's over the moon
smiling broadly like a loon
to me pregnancy is a pain
all this weight I've had to gain
seems I have to bloom
because I've a full womb
people patting my belly as if its their's
rubbing away all my cares
I've two months to go
time passing so slow
then there's the labour
epidural my saviour
midwife fiddling with my bits and bobs
checking temperature, taking swabs
disaster stories I've heard
each day I'm getting more scared
this will be my one and only
forget everything, baloney
I'm having one most perfect child
then my tubes are getting tied

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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I just wanted to say hi to you, I've read most of your submissions
here and to tell the truth, they are (for me) for the most part, trite.
You have a lovely sense of humor that comes out in your poetry.
You seem to want to write in rhyming meter, read your poems out
loud and you will find where the meter fails. If it doesn't come out in
a fairly even tone, work on it. Figure out what you want to say and
say it in the shortest possible scenario, and go from there.

I hope you don't mind my speaking to you.

Great content on this one, childbirth is indeed a miracle and the first
one is a very special time.


Hi richard I don't mind at all you talking to me and that's been said before about my poems but I'll keep writing as long as I keep enjoying thanks for taking the time to read and comment its much appreciated cheers x

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In the event this is based on reality congrats. Pretty good description of pregnancy( at least as far as a man can judge). You might consider breaking this into 4 line stanzas in order to ease the read..................stan

Hi Stan no my baby is 25 lol I have tried to edit stuff on here before and I'm obviously doing some thing wrong it lets me change but doesn't save them and reverts back to original I changed little boy words and layout a few times but gave up it didn't save any of them I will try again thanks for reading and commenting appreciated x

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