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the mind of peace

The things that comes to mind for the things I have to find blind, the odds against a dream that seems to be deemed a mind of greatness a savvy way of living for what god is giving. The mind over matter as life chatters across the land of life, to live for love far above a broken heart to find love in the dark to live is an art form to weather the storm to live in the norm a formality of a personality to walk casually among life itself, to be happy for good health, the stealth of highlands to take a quick glance of life to live through time. Let time be life, let time be in the moments of happiness the stress of living day to day far from a stray to live in many ways searching for happy days, to live to embrace the hard things to face, for a trace of grace to live in a empty space in this rat race, let time be the moments in life to search for glory another chapter in life's stories, in the mind of peace.

Style / type: 
Free verse
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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What did you think of my title?
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Not Explicit Content


It would make this easier to read if broken down into stanzas as poetry usually is will return to read


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Hi Ambrose,

Thank you for sharing. Lots of good content here, but I would agree with C Lynn Brooks. Looking at some of your other work, considering the use of stanzas should really help your readers connect better with your poetry, which is what we as writers always strive to do.

An article of interest you may find helpful:


Michael Anthony

I agree with the stanzas suggestion. that would make it smoother and easier to read, giving it pauses instead of being rushed into a long paragraph. Good title! and good thoughts. I hope my comment helps.

always, Cat

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