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the door
this mirror
broken with a thousand

we purchase
in the light
knowing all to well
our darkness
like the second stars

emote in the subtle embrace
tasting sweet logic

Editing stage: 


concise and precise of logic brim

''our darkness
like the second stars''


Maybe it's better to stay completely within
as fire hides in metal
as water hides in rock.

I always wanted to say that you're probably the best poet here on neopoet
but I'm shy that's my problem :)

Maybe it's better to stay completely within
as fire hides in metal
as water hides in rock.

Thank You for your comment!
Thank You for "shyness"

a pleasure of rarities!

author comment

but they didnt have time to write just happy that they
are working still..and doing a social media thing for them..
when i found Neopoet i just wanted to write my poems
and hope that others would enjoy them....i thought maybe
i had something to offer even then.....

we are all poets..we all have beautiful voices...songs
in thoughts ..ideas..flow that is wonderful....stark..haunted
disturbing and alluringly soft...

I love this site with all my heart and its poets!
cant believe it is real..its like a dream at times...

thank you all for your works..your passion..your
love of words like myself..

thank you!

author comment

Though we sometimes become lost in your words and also fail to see the theme correctly, your works are read, and they give something else to many not seen but felt.
Sometimes the emotion flows through very much like auto suggestion, just keep them coming young Wolf, we think in many ways,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

abstraction is a hard thing....i have been working on this theme for a long
time now.....I still have the old "orgami" though...
lately the world is abstract and i am seeing the effort to understand it..
and it too sometimes is noted but alas needs no comment....but i do feel
also on much...

author comment

I have taken your name to be as Origami and not Orgami as you use to be known as:-
There are times when the folds of paper become as life.
You have to feel the shape in your mind fold by fold.
There in the thought, lives a finished creature.
As most Origami, the finished article is usually abstract.
Take the stork where the children fold, each one to a thousand.
There in a abstract form lives a vision of many feelings.
Given to their Air force Pilots as a protection and a love.
Yet a piece of paper, lessons on how to unfold satellite aerial arrays out there in space.
Abstract forms used in a scientific venture.
We are the same young Wolf, we feel and fold ourselves inward, until there is only a small surface showing, that is maybe something that others may like or a surface that no one can see beyond.
Most people are abstract, is this what Picasso sees in his pictures, is this what we need to show to the world.
There is no positive sight of ourselves or others, there is only true vision, and as the children of Spirit say, you are only in truth when you are but a Spirit.
Go well young Wolf, there is an eternity waiting to breath on our ways, changes are taking place that only they can know.
Yours as always Ian.T and the Children.
PS:- I used the word Origami as it depicts truer feelings in structure and thought, as your old name could not be found..

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

something like...there was already an origami on another site..
i used the same name..back then i was just getting started on
computers..orgami was the second choice...

i dont have mechanical abilities that recall....foggy
views despite visions and word use....intuition..even this is
magic at the best....

i like origami...i liked that character Gaff in Bladerunner..
the unicorn image...i met people whom could do this..
make folded paper creations...

there is graffiti on the wall near us by the rail cut...water
now in spring is level with the service road....its beautiful
and i couldnt help but to think of they would
paint over his creations that movie pleasantville
when they trash the ice cream parlor..

you are right..i cant see myself....cant feel my own writing
other then the intuition about certian works..some
more favourable to my own private favorite...some i comment
on and as you write..others i leave open...

author comment

This one is unusually brief for you, but chocked full of the same power and visionary force that all of your poetry conveys to the reader! You excel once again, my friend!

just a minute..that kind of notation...
long winded i am
but trying to work shorter...

author comment
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