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lately queen a bid with eternity a humble plea
to stand in ovation amidst an earnest vacation
1986 the sorrowful fix a man and his gun unleak his cum
serving ditches ignoring all those bitches
Freddie Mercury bid with eternity
Bohemian Rap you see..,
although he had many loves the tender look at loves ovation
knock on the door where he was ready to go

all his thoughts were putting him further and further away from God
wanted to instead go to P town on the banks of Cape Cod
like a flock of seagulls there the wind blows
nurse the rhyme to begin to fly
Mercury lives out the lie

that says I am what I do
bit off more then he could chew
Freddie you see..,
painful to see

a vision of trans between his blended humanity
some friends to see below the breeze
Freddie you see was getting lost into a fixed reality
smoke of the gun between a rise in his jeans,

Although for some he was a slave to sin
here is where I humbly begin deep from within again
learning a little bit as he was coming along
I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it well...,

for some he was a nobody in their minds but was hidden behind
a surplus to learn how to manage he comes as a slave next turn to believe
Freddie to stay Mercury the purpose of his winning
the end from the truest beginning

Freddie came to believe a bit of a mystery
his weakness and his strength would rise
the develop of a following dig deeper to remember
every time we are tempted about something

there always comes an opportunity
although he thought he had every thing he is thrown into a prison of curtains
pay no attention to his that is behind the curtain,
yet it payed to be the one the only Freddie M ercury

The devil came to Freddie and he answered its call
then we hear he melodies lurking at your neighborhood mall
on the banks of the roller rink so many years ago master the flow
dreams of recaping what one was basking,

Freddie will have to stand before his maker
not to which sprayed a get together as a singer
he stood for power in a quaint reserve,
balanced power relieved

Only God Knows !

Queen, engulfed their intact wizardy across the world...,
a cool breeze blowing on their adoring fans we hear,
out on a mission he reigned through a magic current
turning each page with guidance amidst inner violence;
Although he died of Aids his legacy lingers on within song
Magic Mercury very theatrical boom...,

English bred his soul monumental glimpse
historic torn magestic feeling

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