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Mental Illness

Mental Illness

A whisper in the dark
With tones of darkened madness
Shattered dreams filter through the seams
The sound of silent whispers
Taunt the mind
I'm being caught up in this fix
Satan laughing spreads his wings
The mood of solitary confinement
Blackened ideals are gone
Worry sets in
The fragile egg shelled shape of the mind
Poe was exposed to this madness
Cobain even joined the side of resistance
Morrison was in a drug torn stupor
Joplin sang it's blues
There is a flag flying high toward it's solidarity
The ideal thought of being sane takes a back seat after all
Helter Skelter
Many have tasted it's evil demise

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Please use care (this is a sensitive subject for me, do not critique harshly)
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a female friend
quite attractive
wrote her thesis paper
on this

creative aspects they all
some from obscura beginnings
and others with the open door
to find lucrative careers with
the sages of power and intellectual
yet they turned away
falling on the wings edge
into the dive of purloined doubts
like cryptic lettered jingles

with the infusion of release
through drug and women
to each their muse
sex creed race
i chased my dragons
beautiful and sparce

but there were moments
of the utmost clarity in the
angst and stillness of
the greatest frightening
edge of that dilemas
love lust unreason
and insanity

another brilliant lover
she said
One develops a taste
and thats all there is too it..

coulda woulda shoulda
i have always been on
the road in some persona
or other
always a temptress muse
the oracles
of daphne...

what? babe calling down
I have to head out in the cold
wind..on a busted falling apart
bike...all the broken healed
bones aching like a wolfs gnawing
on bank...sit in the
portable with the other heathens
fetching the ear of gossip
smelling the grueling steam
of the earthy and unwashed
I am not afraid of God
I visit his volunteers and houses
of his work to receive his charities
the clarity when it is there is
the rapture of existance
but its rush and overwhelming
song and sound drives
some to cope with its nullifying
agents turning the sound into
the groundless murk and end
that Satan so wishes for the
oft brilliant and beautiful

Must prepare to the mission

Thank U chevyvent!

Mr Wolf!

old with its glory
still there
surrounded by
the fallen
who gave all
lest no ground
touch its freedom
nor cowards boot
the brave and rare
of good hearts
are there
in the evil of the
red glare!

thank U mr chevyvent!

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