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Meat And Potatos

I'm gettin' a new car
big ass wheels
a sexy little rumble


you wish

*^|+<:*... & ...^$#@|+>")^!!!

let me get this straight...
you got this fail-safe tip
from some guy who heard it
from another guy
who knows somebody
in the know
what's the spread?


that's so stupid
fuck them losers

|<_&)%(*^.... ? ......#@(++"><.... ?

I'm tellin' you,
barbecue them chops
soak 'em and smoke 'em
believe me,
its the only way

&(&%%^$^** ())&%&$ >>>>*(&*^%^$% ?>> & *((&^% >>>>>> (*&^%^^&& >$#[email protected]^&*|+ ?_))(*&.............

slow down ,man
just dump the bitch
go fishin'


yeah, I know


sorry bro'
gotta go
boss is stuck again

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
the conceit: One side of a phone conversation...overheard
Editing stage: 


dispatch is a title order
snatch convo is like a scanner
and we pick it up
on the fly
drawn to the vocabulary
how others cast out their words
and reel it in in replies

what they miss
how they gather

Loved this poem immensely
I always said rapoirre so important
even if my damned spelling is not..
Thank you!

I'm glad you called this a poem

I think it is a little unconventional, but isn't that part of the game?

there are many ways to be interesting
sometimes its in the language, sometimes the structure, or form, or a unique point of view
It would be nice to have all the ways happening at once. That would be a good day!

I appreciate your thoughts and responses ,,,a lot!


author comment

Loved this, fancy talking to Aliens, don't tell anyone or they will lock you away.
Great enjoyable write, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

they are not aliens, they just don't know how to spell

I am glad you enjoyed it



author comment

I'm not sure how one would classify this as to format, but it holds the reader's interest enough to allow the thoughts expressed to melt their way into the brain. I wouldn't exactly rate it a four star masterpiece, but it does have merit!


classifying, I'll leave to others...I've never been a formalist, or purist, in any of my endeavors.
partly due to ignorance, partly due to not giving a other words, I don't know any better!

sometimes "interesting" is high praise...imagine having an uninteresting career, or an uninteresting personality, or making uninteresting art. YIKES! That would hurt!

so I'll take "interesting" as a compliment (as I think you meant)



author comment

double posting problem again


author comment
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