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How can I feel this way?
How can I feel completely worthless?
Everyone around me tells me tells me im beautiful.
But I just don’t feel it.

Maybe I don’t feel conferrable with my eyes.
O my gosh! Why are my eyes so big?
I hate my face.

Or maybe it’s because I don’t have a flat stomach.
I don’t feel comfortable
even taking my shirt off when I go swimming.

I just realized that I don’t love myself,
And see I also realized that that’s the problem.
And now, im sitting here in my bed, asking myself
How can anyone love me, if I don’t even love myself?

Why is it that when I look at myself in the mirror
Instead of looking at my enormous eyes
Why don’t I look at the beautiful color they are.
Why can’t I accept that they’re beautiful
Just because they’re mine.

Last few words: 
just some random thoughts on self acceptance. I hope that you guys enjoy.
Editing stage: 


is the first rule of poetry, and you certainly have the guts to be as honest as you can be in this work.
My suggestion is to read as much poetry as you can, and also some philosophy.
One of the properties and reasons poetry exists is for catharsis and self awareness. You have a feeling for the poetic narrative. Poetry will help you find what is unique and beautiful about yourself, but not by direct answers. It comes through images, the magic of words, the music of words.
My own suggestion is take a load off- write a poem about something/place you love. describe it using poetic devises- metaphor and simile, the the sound of words... Your entry here is a poetic narrative but more of a journal entry. Poetry is a craft, like music or art, and requires years of practice. LOVE WORDS!

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

I can't explain how amazing it is for you guys to take the time of your day, and read my work. it is honestly a dream come true. thank you so much for the feedback, I nearly started writing a couple months ago, and I hope you guys can see my progress as time does the same! my love goes towards you my friend!

author comment

especially to read as much poetry as you can, and also some philosophy.
You have the word skills to make your work universal and important instead of purely personal.
You just need an expanded repertoire of poetic skills and knowledge.

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