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Plans for a better marriage
Imagine having a miscarriage

This is hard I have you my life
You failed to be a wife
I never wanted you to be one
You just stabbed us with a knife
I made arrangements
All the arguments .....
They were to build us
You stole that away from me
All I got now it just memories
I... I... I can't even tell stories

Remember when I gave you a text
Wondering what's up next
Not knowing what to expect
Temptation taking part
Now we can't look for a start
I tried my best to heal you
You became distant on phone calls
I began being lonely
You failed my definition of love
Thought I wanted a house wife
All I needed was someone who's loyal

I Got someone to understand
We United as dust and sand
We even have a rock band
All she did was take a stand

I'm sorry you failed to be yourself

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I know this is a difficult topic for many people, but many people can relate.

It reminds me of Gwendolyn Brooks' poem "the mother". I suggest you read it if you haven't. It is also controversial and difficult to read, but an important message (read it here:

Keep writing,

Critique, don't comment.
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