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Masked Intentions

a sensitive heart

by opposition

glaring fits of
blast furnace eyes

smite, smite, smite
the foe

impose a
burning wrath on
those daring
to oppose

bellow the way
spell it out
in happy crayon
and rainbow bold

flaunt the new
stomp the old
leave monsters
scorched in
a wake of scold

we, good hearts

shall purify

by any means necessary


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I think this is the beginning an intense poem. I feel like I could get more into it if I know the subject matter. Unless it's through the eyes of the beholder.

The Unknown Poet

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It is a political poem...anti- antifa and BAMN . BAMN is an anarchist group out of California
Politics of violence and anarchy are not my cup of tea
and I just want to make my point of view heard on these matters
in an ironic way
an intense start, but I don't have much more to add

thanks for taking the time to respond



author comment

What's everyone got against antifas, though? Isn't it what human beings do?
"Antifascists disrupt a large gathering of white suprematists."

Hadn't heard of BAMN, 'By Any Means Necessary' raises all sorts of questions about the health value of omelettes though.

Anyway, with a short line structure like this just for fun I removed all line breaks and punctuation and just read it. What do you reckon? Shall I post it to Neopoet on Facebook?

ps, I just noticed on your profile "I like writing more than I ever imagined I would, or could". Crikey, nothing wrong with your writing but you must be doing something wrong, it's agony for most everyone else! [grins]

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