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Madmen, Seers, and Fools

Madmen, seers, and fools [2]

In the light of night
I saw angels play
and daemons bay
at the moon
wonders of a madman’s dream
or eyes of a seer or fool
piercing through
galaxies of the mind

Editing stage: 


and you're going to hate me for this. But I feel I've read it before. Not accusing you of plagiarism! Just the ideas of Madmen, Seers, and Fools expressed poetically.

Neopoet Directors

yes, I wrote a longer version. the theme works well for me.


Riding waves electric
like bolts of lghtening
striking deep inside my brain
I touch upon my own madness
perceptions sharp and clear
dark knowings and understsndings
too painful for my mind to bear
my voice to speak

my thoughts and senses carry me
deeper into seeing
and like madmen, seers and fools
I suddenly know a dfferent dreaming

I hover closely to myself
in fear of separation
looking from the outside in
I watch my body slowly die
no longer able
to hold my soul safe inside

author comment

that's better!
More meat to chew on, even if it is a bit old and stringy [grins]

Neopoet Directors

its all okay
plagiarism is copying ideas and quotes ....
which we all mostly don't voice


Only that the theme was familiar.

And 'sampling' is no excuse for plagiarism. Titles get used over and over in poetry like "Love" or "Death" it doesn't excuse their unoriginality, and the poems usually reflect the same.

Neopoet Directors

He remembered what he had read before
Some of us may not have been so sharp and I certainly would not!

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