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a m n e s i a * A r t i f i c i a

emerald skein
clothed in a haze
resolute and brazen

treacle breadths
and spirit sheen

cast me forgotten
in plainclothes warrior

i was first foremost and last
the ember shrouded
edging out the watermarked
curling celluloid
into smoke

taste the future on my wrists
hot bow breath down the
wastelands of her spine
writhing soft as the oracles
pallet of tinge
wrapped in cascades
entropy wins

and the little values
of vertigo

these ache of icons
and teary eyed mothers
lost in sunshine bolts
fashioned on waisting

our stop bathe pathos
mixed in nitric revolutions
the glistening baptismal
wash the sin

forget with the potent
fire of gin
and collars anchored
to a traipse
shorn in long wild
braided winds

the bottle overturned
and dousing the room
heady with scent
thick curtains
and warmth

as an elevator
warily descends

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Exquisite poetry, there are some really outstanding lines in this poem as usual you flood the mind with images, I felt the ending was perfect there was a build up as the poem went along and then the last lines draw you up and make you stand still, there is so much that I love about this poem it would take me all day to try and express it

love JC xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

a fraqrance of soured fortitude..heady wavelengths
sonorous and timid fragile in the small stride
a petite frame sweeps...light enough thin enough
to slip neath chain link.....signals of the undergrads
fighting for the Brave New Cause...ambassador rebels
carrying coded poemz...hope in fuscia dawns
and violet violent dusk.....yankee hotel foxtrot..

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