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Lovers' Secret Thoughts

Lovers’ Secret Thoughts

Ha-ha, Cupid, you prankish
little imp, with your bow you fling
random darts across the night sky

Lovers look at those as falling stars,
then make wishes, keeping them
from one another, but one can guess
their thoughts:
“I wish she was prettier . . . .”
“I wish he was handsomer . . . .”

See this aged couple? His hand
touches hers and he wishes—
but he hesitates to tell his old sweetheart
what he is wishing for.

What? Why hesitate— So, she is
not as sexy as the young one
across the street; neither are you, fool.

Quotes sly Cupid:
“Remember; be she young
and pretty, old and wrinkled—
in the night all cats are gray.”

Style / type: 
Free verse
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
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have said it better myself! it's not just a man's world when it comes to those secret thoughts! I used to work around lots of older women and you would be surprised at what they were talking about amongst themselves, when they thought no man was around to hear them. ~ Geezer.

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I live in an over 55 community and I can testify to the truth of your statement. God bless these old, but mentally still quite frisky ladies, and gents, lol. They have a healthy attitude--if you as me. Thanks, Geezer. Jerry,

author comment

many old women
would love someone
still em woo
as would still do

Thanks Lovedly;
there may be smoke on the rooftop, but there's fire in the furnace (old English proverb), LOL. Glad you commented. Jerry

author comment the horror of finding out that my parents ACTUALLY copulated!
And I recall finding one of my father's condoms and blowing it up like a balloon. He was not amused, even though it didn't burst.

Poet(ess) to the Stars

I know what you mean,. The thought that I had sprung from a sinful act of lustful copulation bothered me for years..
Then, I married my blushing virgin bride. Her name is--no, not Mary-- Both of us abstained from unholy sex, even though I heard the Lord's (or someone's) voice booming from heaven," It's okay; go ahead and sin a bit." I asked HIM to send me a sign from Heaven. Nine months later, the stork circled my humble home, dropped off a bundle of joy, and thus we became three. So, Edna, how is this for an immaculate conception that has nothing to do with a ruptured or intact condom????

author comment

..I wouldn't know.

Poet(ess) to the Stars

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