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lovely strangers

beyond the stars...
some day we may meet..
if only...

you know not the way ....
this life has now gone. away..
with the setting sun ...

we may meet in the far folds of time ...
when once again...
I am young........

for you then a desired one
for fun
not during this life's run..............................

for none know me

we belong to
the universe...
where life does traverse...
in lovely verse

from here to there ...
we all go from nowhere...
to nowhere...
where else...

Editing stage: 


As was said in the "Highlander" I know his name lol
Where were we Oh yes this piece, if on journeying on I call your name then you will hear that call, and never fear it is common thing to do there.
As with me if you call on me I will hear you as the breezes sigh.
Go well young Bard there are many things for you to do yet,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I am just a small seed

in this vast ocean of time
where guys are travelling of Ian’s kind
this bard is standing way far behind
as composing an anthology
of modern virgin poetry is in one's mind

So friend abide with me
as time passes ye
but towards the vaster realms of the universe
both you and I shall traverse
worse come worse
you second
maybe I first


author comment

your perception of the afterlife and what it means for love. When we lose the loves of our lives in this current life, we often feel like we will never have them back. Your poems are gentle reminders that it is not forever, just a temporary separation until we are able to meet again. Your use of language is always elegant and flows beautifully along with meaning of the poem!!! Thank you!!!

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

my eyes you have moistened
send me a roll of tissue
for words you ensue
none on this site
have ever thought
that I can ever compose a poem
worth their thought
they always try to erase
this bard off Neopoet's page
knowing full well
I am beyond human rage
as I am a simple composing page.
an adamant poetic sage

(please exclude friendly Ian...)


author comment
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