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Lovedly youthful Night

Lovedly youthful Night

That you marry some one abroad
leaving all kith and kin behind
where will you solace find
have a peace of mind
ere the wall tears and does part
rains fall apart
all reigns in father's house will be snapped
by your spouse

still, as you have already so decided
the only advice
that now can be given


Be it day
that virginous night
Lead a swift candle light
feel the pangs of loneliness and desire bright
young one lead kindly into the night
ere you submit '
to the destined hit...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


this is beautiful. Can you tell me abit what it means? It seems to have a deeper meaning. Is it about marriage.

You are the poet,
I do concur
to spin beautiful words
of such wonder
but forgive me
mr lovedly sir
for I know not how
to define them, master.


I wonder
how you would master

its like a sexual disaster
run ye faster

author comment

The transition from youth to a married life is a big step for women. I am happy you chose this theme and wrote this piece based on your perception about such transition.


raj (sublime_ocean)

Over here in the west
as you know
we have folks marrying
all over the world

some come alone
some are fished in
some taken out of a can
some married into sexual profession

they may have earlier called sin
now a situation of win, win
You know how one night stands
came on Broadways stand..

Later a guy just wrote to me
about his daughter eloping
with some xyz kind
German or Italian maybe

so I composed this one quickly
but the guy didn't like it
he sent a pack of condoms
to me and I asked
if it was for her or me

author comment
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